Thank you from Mikaela Shriffrin

This was sent to Chuck Hughes, Chief of Race for WC and KSC/KMS Development Program Director and KMS Events Manager

Dear Chuck,

 I am writing to say congrats and Thank You to you and all of your KMS helpers and the entire Killington WC committee and volunteers for doing such an outstanding job with the races!!!

The hill was in fantastic shape, the surface was fair and really great- there were so many slippers it was remarkable and it made for one of the best surfaces we ever race on and a similar surface from 1-last. That, in my opinion is the sign of a great race because those are the races where great up and coming skiers can come from behind and shock everyone. That is how I got started and it is the way it should be in racing.

Both days seemed to to go off without a hitch and everyone seemed so friendly, kind and happy to have the races back there. It is such a special time in the North East, those first days of skiing around Thanksgiving. That feeling I always get, we New Englanders always get at that time of the year is hard to describe but we know what it is and it’s what I always loved about Vt. and NH.

Please tell all of your volunteers and anyone at all who helped with the races how much everyone loved the races and raved about your efforts and the outcome. We really really appreciate the support and passion you all showed.  The Athletes and coaches were once again shocked and impressed by the enthusiasm of the fans and the execution of the event.

Kudos to all of you for a job well done. I’m looking forward to the excitement again next year.

All the Best,

Mikaela Shiffrin

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